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Policy For Copyright Infringement,
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Pursuant to Title 17, Chapters 1-13 of United States Federal Copyright Laws (all applicable sections) BE ADVISED—TMI has a legal court record of prosecuting ALL violations of TMI’s intellectual property and copyrights AND/OR LEGALLY DEFINED DERRIVATIVES of TMI-owned copyrights/content to the fullest extent of the law.

TMI prosecutes fully, AS WELL, DERRIVATIVES OF TMI-owned content, including so-called “Fair Use Doctrine” applications (without TMI permission). Half of TMI’s lawsuits against copyright offenders are as a result of derivative works from TMI-owned content. This means you MAY NOT rewrite, redesign or recreate sections of TMI-owned content, EVEN IF YOU MAKE CHANGES OR REWRITE the original TMI content to seemingly appear different from the original. As well, BE WARNED that TMI employs steganography technology to embed invisible watermarked custom pixel identifiers in typefaces, images and other instruments, and if such watermarks are found in derivative works, YOU WILL be found guilty of copyright infringement, possibly even criminal copyright infringement for unauthorized redistribution (including this notice).

All applicable images, text, and content on this website are copyrighted, copyright applied for, or Federally Registered to TriAxial Medical, Inc (TMI). ANY infringement of TMI-owned copyright is a Federal Offense under Title 17, Chapters 1-13 of United States Federal Copyright law. Copyrights can be enforceable in other countries as well, as a result of international treaties that can provide protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

TMI monitors the Internet DAILY for illegal reproduction OR DERRIVATIVES of our copyrighted content.

We use proprietary methods (steganographic mapping), commercial plagiarism scanners, and content checkers as well as publicly available tools. Violating our copyrights can, among other things, result in your website being banned by any applicable search engines (Google, etc.) and removed from the Internet via the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Acceptable Usage—
You may reproduce pages of our website for your own personal use but MAY NOT distribute or redistribute such usage. This is the only acceptable reproduction of TMI’s copyrighted material. You may also link from your website to any page(s) on our website and do not need permission from TMI to do so, PROVIDED the incoming link is not considered profane, pornographic, or illegal.

Unacceptable Usage—
Unauthorized usage of the TMI-owned content OR DERRIVATES thereof (text, copy, graphics, design, photographs, etc.) constitutes copyright infringement under Title 17 laws. Unauthorized usage of TMI content (licensed or owned) and/or material from this website is illegal even if you mention the TMI or the TMI-owned website as the source of the content.

If TMI finds Infringement of TMI’s Content/Copyright(s), we will:
Invoice the website owner, agents, companies and all applicable parties a retroactive licensing fee a minimum of $100 per day, per infringement incident or occurrence, even if the same TMI content is redistributed by others to multiple websites (Internet Directories), even if only a portion of the content is infringed upon, or if there is a legally defined incident of derivative copyright infringement, and/or if a TMI steganography fingerprint is found on a violator’s website. We will also file the appropriate notification with Internet Search Engines of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act seeking removal of the infringed-upon content or derivative content from the Internet. As well, we will contact the appropriate parties with a demand, or a Cease & Desist notification to immediately remove the infringing material from the infringing party’s website. If, upon notification of violation, you do not remove the offending content in a timely manner, we will file the appropriate DMCA notice(s), notify the hosting company of the impending legal action, and refer the matter to our legal department/Corporate Counsel for demand/settlement notification, and take appropriate legal action against all offending parties.

Copyright infringement is now rampant on the Internet as people/companies/entities are now infringing upon original creators’ works more than ever before. Last year alone, TMI found over 75+ cases of such infringement and WE WILL stop this illegal behavior whenever found.


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